Women leaders share each others' untold stories of challenges, triumphs at Storyboard18’s Share The Spotlight

On May 29, Storyboard18 brought together prominent figures from Indian businesses, giving them an opportunity to share their spotlight with accomplished women in the ecosystem who have charted their own paths and have numerous stories to tell.

By Mansi Verma

Neha Nagar, today a finfluencer with over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, started her journey from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. When her family relocated to Ghaziabad, they faced immense pressure to marry off Nagar and her sister.

“At the time, people back in my village constantly questioned my parents about why they brought two unmarried, young women to the city,” Nagar shared, during Storyboard18’s Share The Spotlight event in Mumbai. “They insisted we would never study and might elope with someone. They urged my parents to marry us off as soon as we turned 18. This was the mentality we were up against.”