Over the past 30 years BYST has been able to help millions of young disadvantaged entrepreneurs establish their businesses. This has been made possible with the help of various allies and partnerships all along the way be it Corporate or financial in nature. BYST has associations with various Goliaths of the Indian Industry who act as the donors and policy makers and practitioners.

Corporate Partners: 

BYST has created a model which aims at building the national economic stature of the country by involving corporate executives in all aspects of its operations- financing, project evaluation and review, training and mentoring. Our corporate partners include National and multi-national organizations like the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), CISCO, Bajaj, Tata, IFCI, J P Morgan, JK Paper Limited, HDFC Parivartan, Google etc. These organizations support the BYST through donations, professional assistance, and sponsorship of events or assigning mentors, all done on a voluntary basis. The BYST policy is also planned and made by our eminent Board of Trustees comprising of prominent Industrialists.