Mr. Rajeev Memani

Vice President, CII

Discover the dynamic leadership of Rajiv Memani, serving as the EY Global Emerging Markets Committee Chair and EY India Chairman and Regional Managing Partner. Rajiv is a pivotal figure connecting emerging markets with developed ones, while actively engaging with Indian entrepreneurial companies and private equity funds.
In his multifaceted role, Rajiv’s passion for clients, economic policy, and entrepreneurship shines through. As the Chair of the EY Global Emerging Markets Committee, he ensures that the voices of emerging markets play a crucial role in key decision-making processes. Simultaneously, as the Chairman and Regional Managing Partner for EY India, Rajiv provides strategic counsel across sectors, collaborating closely with major conglomerates and private equity funds.
Rajiv Memani’s impact extends beyond the corporate sphere to policy shaping. His participation in policy advisory committees for the Government of India, including the recent task force drafting a new Direct Tax Law, showcases his commitment to contributing to India’s economic landscape.
Not confined to business and policy, Rajiv actively contributes to education. Serving as a board member for IIM Sirmaur and a member of the Governing Council of KREA University, he plays a crucial role in shaping India’s educational future.
A commerce graduate from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, Rajiv Memani’s diverse contributions and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable invitee in his capacity as Vice President of CII, to the BYST board. His visionary leadership, global business acumen, and dedication to entrepreneurship and economic policy enrich BYST’s journey towards success.