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Authored Article featured in TOI: Empowering job seekers to become job creators
Written by Lakshmi Venkataraman Venkatesan The Prince’s Trust, a charity in the UK founded in 1976 by Prince Charles (now King Charles III), aimed to help vulnerable young people get skilled and find gainful livelihoods. It runs a range of training programmes, providing practical and financial support to build young people’s confidence and motivation. I […]
Authored Article featured in Indian Express: How my meeting with Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace inspired a grass roots programme
Written by Lakshmi Venkataraman Venkatesan Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s much-loved monarch has passed away. Prince Charles has taken over as King Charles III, amidst a lot of hope and interest around he is going to fill the Queen’s enormous shoes, especially at a time of great political uncertainty, climate change and other global […]
Article features in HT – Blazing a trail in gaming ecosystem
Simulated car racing (sim racing) games at game parlours or game zones at the mall are as enticing to grown-ups as to teenagers. The high-quality sim racing setup at these game zones offer a real-life car racing experience to users. Besides casual users, the professional sim racing community in India – which at present is […]