Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa

Chairperson of the India- Japan Friendship Forum, Member Governing Council of the Institute of Chinese Studies

BYST proudly presents Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, an esteemed member who joined our Board recently, bringing invaluable diplomatic expertise and corporate acumen to our organization.
With a remarkable 36-year career in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Deepa began her journey in 1979, retiring in 2015. A graduate from Madras University with degrees in Chemistry and English Literature, she served as Ambassador to Japan, Qatar, and Sweden, with concurrent roles in Latvia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Deepa’s diplomatic contributions extend beyond borders, shaping India’s relations with key nations and actively participating in global conferences on climate change, sustainable development, disarmament, and human rights. Her leadership played a pivotal role in advancing India’s economic interests in Europe, the GCC, and Japan.
In addition to her diplomatic pursuits, Deepa holds key leadership roles as Chairperson of the India-Japan Friendship Forum, Member of the Governing Council at the Institute of Chinese Studies, and on the Governing Council of the Asian Confluence in Shillong.
Bringing her strategic insights to the corporate sector, Deepa serves as an Independent Director on the Boards of JK Cement Ltd., Sapphire Foods India Ltd., JK Paper, Mukund Sumi Special Steel Ltd., and ASA Corporate Catalyst Pvt. Ltd. Her influence and leadership significantly contribute to the success and growth of these organizations.
In conclusion, Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa’s legacy of diplomatic excellence and successful corporate leadership enriches BYST’s board. She guides BYST towards new horizons of success, embodying a commitment to excellence that resonates with our organization’s values. We are honoured to have Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa as an integral part of our board.